A brand audit is a thorough evaluation of your brand's position in the marketplace - An analysis that throws light on its strengths and weaknesses and possible solution to empower it. 

Internal Branding
- This includes an brand values, mission, proposition, systems, infrastructure and culture in an organization.

A company runs because of the teams it has. It has been proven that employees sharing business motives accelerate business growth. Employee motivation and welfare plays a crucial role as losing human capital frequently will lead to losing its goodwill as well. Having a deep understanding of employees’ perspective is necessary for internal brand commitment. 

External Branding
- This has to do with anything and everything related to a brand’s presence in the market place, such as, goodwill, corporate identity, logo, marketing strategies & practices, SEO, sponsorship, online presence through website & application, offline presence through physical stores, civic involvement and B2B processes.

Customer Oriented Practices
- Customer relationship management, client facing responsibilities & expectations, future prospects, overall client base & support, communication, reporting, service policies and sales figures & process, budget allocation and products & services offered.

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