According to MCA act, every company, post incorporation, has to fulfil some, mandatory legal obligations. This is Mandatory for Private Limited Company, OPC and LLP.

At Dechcept our expert Chartered Accountants and Accounting & Taxation professionals will take care of all your compliance requirements. We offer the best-in-class legal consultation for any company.

Compliance checklist for Private Limited Company:

Name of Compliance

Name of Forms


Due Date for Filing

Appointment of Auditor

Form ADT-1

Appointment letter, Confirmation letter

15 days from AGM

Annual Accounts

Form AOC-4 and AOC-4 CFS

Board report with annexure, MGT-9, AOC-2, CSR Report, etc.

30 days from AGM

(In case of OPC 180 days from close of F.Y.)

Annual Accounts in XBRL Mode


XML documents of financial of company

30 days from AGM

Annual Return

Form MGT-7

List of shareholders, debentures holders, Share transfer, MGT-8

60 days from AGM

Cost Audit Report

Form CRA-4

XML documents

30 days from the receipt of Cost Audit Report

Approval of Board Reports and Annual Accounts

Form MGT-14

Certified true copy of Board Resolution

30 days from the date of Concerned Board Meeting

Compliance checklist for LLP:

Name of Compliance

Name of Forms


Due date of filing

Annual Return

LLP Form-11

Details of Designated of partners of LLP

Within 60 days of closer of F.Y.

Statement of Accounts & Solvency

LLP Form-8

Details of Designated of partners of LLP

On or before 30th October every year


Income Tax Returns

1. In case Audit is not required

2. In Case Audit is required

3. Involved in International Transaction

ITR-5 for all situation

All financial statements of LLP

Due date for different situation:

1. 31st July of Every year

2. 30th September of Every Year

3. 30th November of Every year


Other MCA Compliance for Any company:

Dechcept provide more MCA compliance service for Companies like Mandatory Annual Filings for Company, Changes in Company and Change Business like Private limited to LLP or LLP to private limited company, Adding or Removal of Directors, Winding of Company, increase authorized capital, Change in Main objective/ activity, Change in office address, Change of Company name, Share transfer for your Private Limited Company, Changes in LLP agreement, LLP close, Compliance check by Dechcept's Chartered Accountant.

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