It may not seem very important, but creating a professional-looking deck helps gain an investor’s trust.


Most entrepreneurs know that the path towards startup success starts with a winning startup pitch deck. In short, the startup pitch deck helps investors to find worthwhile and high-value investment opportunities. And without the funds in place needed to accelerate early-stage startup growth, founders simply can't make top-tier hires, develop rapid prototypes, and more.

Table of Content:
The 11 Key Slides For Creating A Winning Investor Pitch Deck 1

Slide 1 – What’s The Problem You Solve?
Slide 2 – Why You Have The Best Solution To This Problem (Your Product)
Slide 3 – Traction, Signs of Growth & Metrics That Validate Your Solution
Slide 4 – Showcase Your Product (Demo Time)
The Transition From Getting Their Interest To Convincing Them
Slide 5 – What Is The Actual Market Size? TAM, SAM, SOM
Slide 6 – Your Competitive Edge & Analysis
Slide 7 – How & Why Your Business Model Works
Slide 8 – Your Go To Market Strategy (How You Plan To Capture The Market)
Slide 9 – Ask For The Investment & Show Why You Need It
Slide 10 – The Human Capital Behind The Product (The Team)
Slide 11 – The Why – The Company Vision

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