Executive Assistant

Job Requirements

Opportunity to work directly with the Management

An Executive Assistant provides assistance to high-level executives within a company and is often trusted with complex duties and sensitive information.
In addition to general administrative work, Executive Assistants may be in charge of scheduling meetings, taking minutes during sessions, maintaining databases and producing reports or presentations for their executive leadership.

Executive Assistant duties and responsibilities of the job

Executive Assistants generally ensure the smooth-running of the office, working both on a one-to-one basis with the executives, but also on a wider basis with internal and external clients. A standard Executive Assistant job description entails:

  1. Acting as the point of contact between the executives and internal or external colleagues
  2. Organising meetings and booking meeting rooms
  3. Handling correspondence directed to managers
  4. Making travel arrangements and detailed travel itineraries
  5. Taking dictation and minutes and writing them up subsequently
  6. Producing reports and presentations
  7. Maintaining the current filing and database system, and looking for ways to improve current systems

Executive Assistant job qualifications and requirements

Aside from a proficiency in computer skills, an Executive Assistant is not necessarily required to have a degree.

An Executive Assistant job description should advocate for a professional individual who is well-presented at all times. They will be dealing with both internal colleagues and external visitors on behalf of their management team. They are also expected to display the following traits:

  1. Ability to multitask and prioritise tasks
  2. Excellent time management skills
  3. Well-developed organisational skills
  4. Attention to detail
  5. Great verbal and written communication skills
  6. Professional discretion

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Job Detail

Business Compliances



Job Type:

Full Time


Graduation or MBA


6 Months minimum

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